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So, that no money excuse is just that! Now get to following these dudes! Click here to follow Two Free Guys. This is hands down, one of the most visually stunning accounts on Instagram. I just know that it moves me.

12 Gay Travel Instagrammers You Should Be Following

When I see the images in my Insta feed, they stop in my tracks and they illicit a response, a thought, a feeling. And I love that! Click here to follow Sanserifit. Gay history is still unfolding. But without a doubt, all of our progress today has come from the brave people before us. People who were prepared to fight, scream, shout and in some cases, even die in order to progress our cause.

Every day in my Insta feed, I see images, quotes and info that gives me a glimpse into the rich history of our community. He uses his platform as a former rugby player to shine the spotlight on the issues surrounding stigma, stereotypes and discrimination within both the gay and aboriginal communities. He always handles himself with grace and class, and is a wonderful role model.

10 Queer Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow Right Now

Click here to follow Casey. I had the pleasure of interviewing Conor and I can personally vouch that he is a truly lovely, down to earth and all-round cool guy. Click here to follow Conor. One of the things I love about following Shane, is that you get an insight into an often overlooked demographic within the gay community — country guys.

Click here to follow Shane. It provides a number of workshops, programs, and events that aim to celebrate, heal, transform, and integrate body, mind, and spirit. Click here to follow Easton Mountain. Underwear brands are synonymous with using models that promote completely skewed and unrealistic body ideas.

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Well, not Surge. Their central ethos is about celebrating every different type of body. They follow through by using models of all ages, races and sizes. Click here to follow Surge Underwear. Josh was so awesome and friendly to deal with. Since then, his writing skills have been snapped up Gay Times mag, where he contributes as their sex advice columnist. Click here to follow Josh. Sometimes you can tell when a guy is happy in life and in love. A young, talented, and beautiful model. Ho likes to travel and knows how to take a good photo.

This Hawaii based beauty snaps his life adventures and his butt. All of which can be viewed and enjoyed on his timeline. Check out our model interview with Pablo Hernandez. So tell us what you want and we will do our best to bend to your will. Back to the Blog. Lifestyle PlanetRomeo Sexy. Queer Careers — Pim Nugteren, Journalist. About Support Care.

10 Hot Guys To Follow On Instagram

Privacy statement Terms of Use. Spoiler alert — lots of sexy, shirtless selfies abound!

There are a lot of cool gay businesses and creative types to be found on Instagram. Some I have had the pleasure of interviewing for the blog.

But most are just people or businesses that I love popping up in my feed. Which is kinda the point of social media, right? Nor have I been paid by any business or person. These are purely my own personal recommendations. Firstly, props to any print publication able to survive in But no wonder these guys are killing it.

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Their online presence is amazing. Follow them on Instagram and your feed will be filled with funny, sexy and smart posts daily! Meatzine offers a seriously sexy Instagram account. What I love about their brand of sexiness though, is that it embraces a wide variety of men, all with different looks.

I passionately believe that we should embrace more than just a few beauty ideals. I think Meatzine does a fantastic job in doing just that! Um so yeah, the name kinda says it all, right?

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This account shows off some serious art talent. Being Instagram, this account is self-censored.

Hunter Harden

Yep, more cool, edgy artwork and design aimed at the LGBT community. Good times! Bear Skn brings together two things that I love. One — body acceptance. Regular readers will know this is something I believe in passionately, and advocate for on this blog quite a lot. Stepping down from my pedestal now. Two — bamboo underwear. In fact, anything made of bamboo at all. This comes in very handy during a balmy Aussie Summer!