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I've found that by being inclusive of men that may not typically identify as gay, some critics believe the app comes off homophobic. People also think the name itself -- BRO -- has heteronormative connotations.

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In actuality, I believe it's the opposite. BRO is a safe space for men to express and embrace their sexuality. Our goal is to move beyond the "hookup culture" and be inclusive of more than just "gay" men. I chose the name BRO because I believe a bro is someone you can count on to be there for you. A bro can be a friend, a brother, or in some cases, a life partner.


I believe that masculinity and sexuality can be mutually exclusive. Men have the right to express their masculinity however they'd like.

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They may come off as stereotypically effeminate, or they may seem what critics call "straight acting," and more in line with how society defines masculine. BRO is a place for both without judgement.

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What do you want people to take away from this app experience? With many apps focused on sexual binaries and anonymous hookups, I want BRO to stand out as being a high quality app that helps men -- no matter how they may identify sexually -- make meaningful connections that last more than just one night. Each your date can be hot with Partner!

Whoever you are a bear, wolf, pup, twink or jock a handy and easy way of communication with members of the same sex community is always available for you. Don't waste your time! No need to register and long chatting! Every chat is stored for 24 hours only! Guaranteed protection from random fake accounts, We use a neural network to protect you and not to show you people from dangerous places in the city.

Anonymous Gay Dating

We also connect gay people through the system of recommendations and virtual signs of affiliation. Expand your horizons, join international gay dating hub! Stop getting bored on Grindr or Hornet. Gays around the world choose the most popular same sex and bi dating apps as the easiest way to hookup online, date free people, seeking arrangement, cheat on a spouse or meet those who share their thoughts and philosophy of life. What's the point in pleasure if you cannot share it with anybody?

Meet up your Partner! The rules of our anonymous club are simple: It allows an app to charge for features over a set amount of time. Hope you like it!

Im reviewing the paid version of the app which is very different from the free version. You are no longer exposed to ads and your conversations and sent photos are no longer erased. It is definitely worth the cheap subscription fee, and they use the money to actually improve the functionality of the app and make it even more amazing in the future.

Its very useful for travel. Its a great way to preview whos on in different places and helps you to meet people before you go somewhere. Now with the new Venture feature, you can easily see whos visiting your area and reach out to them. Also if you are traveling you can easily find people who volunteer their knowledge as ambassadors of their city and help you find the popular local places to go.

It creates a community feel that helps el. Is a pretty decent app. One of the better ones out of all the others like it. The new version removed that ability. I can understand the need for it as these are individuals pictures. What really sets Partner aside from the other apps like A4A and Grindr is that Partner has incorporated the would you be interested in meeting this person and the extension of the Stack where Partner randomly selects profiles from the thousands around the world and you say if you would be interested or not.

If theres an indicated interest from both parties, you are alerted and its then up to you to make contact. Previously it was just who was online now gloves and local. These new sections allows y. I never compare the acting ability of Pam Anderson to Meryl Streep.

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Grindr is good for 2 things that Partner only has one of. If you like each other, you can also start the live video chat and do more on cam.

To stay in contact, you can also share your phone numbers to each other and use messengers like WhatsApp or Snapchat. Other gay dating sites may charge you for using their service. We think that dating should be free, so there are no fees for using gydoo.

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Use all of our features Like we said before, you can use different features on gydoo.